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ガルニエ オルガヌム

Atelier d’Artisanat d’Art
Fondé en 1972

The company was founded in 1972 by Marc GARNIER.

A subsidiary was set up in Japan in 1995 to offer responsive, cost-effective, high-quality maintenance to all our customers.
We manufacture pipe organs for churches, private homes and concert halls. We build instruments of all sizes, from the smallest (table organ, continuo organ) to the largest (over one hundred stops and nearly 10,000 pipes). Our constructions are new designs inspired by traditional European organ building (France, Germany, Holland, etc.) from the 16th to the 19th centuries. In the case of modern creations, we apply our own rules of proportion, with a view to ensuring that each of our creations will stand the test of time.

Following The Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011, we received many requests to maintain or reinforce the structures of instruments made by other organ builders. In order to respond as effectively as possible, we opened a complete independent design and construction workshop in Japan, at the foot of Mount Fuji in the prefecture of Yamanashi. A team of young, experienced organ builders put all their expertise at the disposal of our clients to build, install and maintain their organs throughout Japan and the world.

We have certain principles that define our credo and to which we attach a great deal of importance, in a way defining the character of our creations. Our creations are unique, and we never copy old instruments. We simply understand them so that we can draw inspiration from them. We use natural materials in the majority of our creations, as the durability of the pieces made with them has already been proven. Only the parts requiring electricity or lighting use the latest modern materials. All the sound work on our instruments is carried out on site at the organ’s final location. Although no-one does this any more, we have developed methods that enable us to achieve exceptional results that are impossible to achieve with pre-harmonisation in the workshop. In particular, this allows us to optimise the musicality of the instrument in relation to the acoustics of the space and the size of the congregation in the case of churches. In order to meet the challenge of building instruments to ever tighter deadlines and at the best prices, we are constantly seeking to improve and modernise our tools and working methods, with a range of tools at the cutting edge of digital technology, as well as a design office equipped with 3D computer tools and calculation programmes developed in-house. Finally, our team of craftsmen is young and in constant training, and their expertise in all areas of organ building is growing all the time, allowing us to look to the future with peace of mind for the next generations.

We hope we’ve inspired you to want to find out more about us, so don’t hesitate to get in touch – we’d be delighted to share some of our passion for serving music with you!

弊社は1972年、フランスでガルニエ マルクによって創設されました。





ガルニエ マルクは1970年代に製作した最初の楽器から、オルガン製作における古い技術に着目していました。













– 1972 – Reintroduction of forgotten wedge-shaped bellows (or cuneiform bellow).

– 1972 ~ Complete on-site harmonisation of the instrument without pre-voicing in the workshop.

– 1975 – Introduction of spring windchest type construction

– 1977 – Creation of the French GPFO (Professional Association of Organ Builders).

– 1979 – Cofounder of the National Organ Builder school in Eschau – France (Alsace).

– 1972 ~ Continuous development of new temperaments to meet constant changing musical needs.

– 1980 – Creation of the first movable and temperaments-tunable  capable Continuo organ for Radio Bremen.

– 1989 – Creation of the first multiple-temperament pipe organ in the world for the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre.

– 1990 – Introduction of full 3d Computer Aided Design (CAD) in the design of Organs.

– 1991 – Development of computerized mathematical calculation tools to help sizing during the pipes conception.

– 1995 – Introduction of programmable NC router machines with direct CAD connection as an aid to the manufacture of precise technical parts

– 2000 – Introduction of a new windchest system providing the ability to play stops on every keyboards individually or simultaneously.

– 2004 – Introduction of an auto regulated keyboard system for countries with high humidity constraints.

– 2010 – Introduction of an auto-hygrometric system inside the organ for a better humidity control.

– 2014 – Development of our first self regulated slider-chest systems for countries with high humidity constraints.

– 2019 – Introduction of our first “big” moveable instruments with 2 keyboards and pedal, 4 pitches and 11 stops (built and tuned in 2 hours).

– 2020 – Introduction of a new calculation program allowing the automatic generation of 3d drawings using sound and musical parameters.

– 2022 – Development of programmes using artificial intelligence in the design of 3D models.

– 2023 – Development of a new fully mechanical self-regulating wind supply system allowing better wind in smaller size.


– 1972年 フランスでマルク ガルニエ オルグ社を設立。エッジベロー(楔形ふいご)を再現する。
– 1975年 プッシュ&プルストップアクション方式のスプリングウィンドチェストを発表。
– 1977年 ガルニエ マルクを会長とするGPFO(Groupement Professionelle des Facteurs d’Orgues)が設立される。
– 1979年 次世代の見習いとして、エシャウ(アルザス)にオルガン製作者学校を設立。
– 1972年 古い調律法、特にミーントーンの研究・導入。また、16以上の新しい音律の開発。
– 1980年 ブレーメン放送局のために、初の可動・調律可能なコンティヌオ・ポジティフオルガンを製作。
– 1989年 世界初の旋律選択可能なマルチ・テンペラメント・オルガンを開発。
– 1990年 オルガンの設計に3次元コンピューター支援設計(CAD)を導入。
– 1991年 パイプサイズの音響計算とCAD製図の自動作成を支援する数学的計算ツールを開発。
– 1995年 技術部品製造の補助として、最初のプログラマブルNCマシンを導入。
– 1997年 日本で十分なメンテナンスができるよう、ガルニエ オルグ ジャポン有限会社を設立。
– 2000年 2つの手鍵盤とペダルのオルガンで全てのキーボードが共有の3ストップによって

– 2004年日本の高い湿度に対応した自動調整キーボードシステムを導入。
– 2010年 より良い湿度制御のために、オルガン内部に自動湿度調整システムを導入。
– 2014年 日本の高い湿度に対応した、新しい自動調節式スライダーチェストシステムを導入。
– 2019年 2つの手鍵盤とペダル、4つのピッチと11ストップを備えた初の可動式オルガンを開発。音色の調整能力により、数時間で設置・調律が可能となる。
– 2021年GARNIER ORGANUM有限会社に社名変更。代表取締役にガルニエ ボリスが就任し山梨県に本社を移す。

Team Member

Garnier Boris

Director of – GARNIER ORGANUM –

Garnier Matthieu

Head of maintenance & customer relation – GARNIER ORGANUM –

Garnier Marc

Founder of the– Marc GARNIER Orgues –

Garnier Mariko

Head of the Office-Organ making

Nakayama Kosuke

Organ maintenance and making .

Mizuno Mariko


Garnier Elisabeth

Organist Cembalist and Pianist

Watanabe Junzaburo

New worker since 2020

Uesugi Naoto

New worker since 2021

Ruiz Roger

New worker since 2021

Kunio Ito

Part time worker since 2019

Watanabe Misaki

Part time worker since 2022

Taiga Ishii

New worker