Garnier Mariko

ガルニエ 満里子





2021年よりGARNIER Organum有限会社となり、事務、経理の仕事も担当し始めました。



可能言語 日本語、英語、フランス語

She worked for 6 years in a Christian kindergarten in Kobe.

While studying Christian childcare and working with children, she became interested in new challenges and in studying outside Japan.

In 2006, she met the pipe organ when she delivered a Garnier organ to a church and was impressed by the process of its construction.

In 2007, she moved to France and joined Marc Garnier Orgue France.

She studied organ building in France and worked mainly on the mechanics, roller boards, keys, engraving and gilding.

She worked on the mechanics, roller boards, keys, engraving, gilding and sound preparation.

In 2010, she returned to Japan and in 2021, he became Garnier Organum Ltd.

She also started to work as an accountant.

She is married to Garnier Boris and is the mother of two children.

In order to ensure that the organ remains in good condition for decades and centuries to come.

The organ will remain in good condition for decades and centuries to come, and we are committed to working on it with care and sincerity.

Languages available  Japanese  English  French