Nakayama Kosuke

中山 航介







可能言語 日本語 フランス語

with special skills in on-site installation, tuning and preparing organs for concert performances.

Kosuke has been involved in every single project with our team since 1997.

He is highly experienced in building every single type of organ part we design. The work he does requires a high level of craftsmanship, from the choice of the wood to the building process itself. He is a strong member of our team with special skills in the installation process, in tuning and voicing of our instruments. He knows every single step of a good installation and the making of pipe organs.

Since 2008 Kosuke has learned every area of the organ making process and he masters the making of keyboards, trackers mechanics, stop mechanic metal work bellows as well as the integration (set up) of the instrument.

Kosuke speaks Japanese fluently and has a good level of French.