Garnier Elisabeth


Organist Cembalist and Pianist








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Elisabeth Garnier Barakowa, was born in Obnova (Bulgaria) in 1943. In 1950 she studied the piano at the School of Music, them in 1960 at the National Conservatory in Sofia.

In 1963, she obtained a first prize for the piano, then completed her studies and became a teacher at the secondary Music School in Pleven (Bulgaria).

In 1965, she studied the harpsichord at the Paris Conservatoire and in 1969 obtained the Premier Prix for this instrument.

From 1969-1972, she studied instrument making (harpsichord) and performance on keyboard instruments of the 16th and the 17th centuries (organ, harpsichord, virginals, regal…) with Curtis Gilbert, Leonhardt, Schaeffer, Tagliavini, Vogel.

From 1973 onwards, she devoted herself to performance research and took an active part in the controle and testing of contemporary instruments made by craftsmen in the workshops of Marc Garnier Facteur d’Orgues.

This procedure has the advantage of provoking exchanges between the builder and performer and allows a constant and systematic assessment between organology and musicology with regards to the construction and playing of instruments.

Therefore, the result was several CD done to the Garnier Instrument with more than 20h of music with more than 20,000 CD and vinyl.

She also performed and recorded in several Radio in Germany France and was for some years a teacher in the Strasbourg and Montlbeliard Conservatory.