Mizuno Mariko

水野 真理子

旧社 Marc Garnier Orgues Japon有限会社 元代表取締役


GARNIER Organum有限会社 取締役





ガルニエ エリザベスと共に、当社のオルガニストです。定期的にオルガンを演奏をするだけでなく、教会のオルガニストとしてオルガンも演奏しています。




1985-1988):ベルリンのBERLINER KIRCHEN MUSIK SCHULEでドイツの教会音楽を学び、帰国後、日本基督教団大森めぐみ教会のオルガニストに就任。

1996-2017Marc Garnier Orgues Japon有限会社の設立を手伝い、フランスにあった本社の子会社として代表取締役に就任しました。 

可能言語 日本語 ドイツ語 英語 

Mariko is in charge of the customer relations with our Japanese clients. She takes care of the administrative part of the company which includes contracts, office work, accounting, and customer relation. All of which requires fluency in Japanese writing and speaking.

She’s in charge of translating the contracts and ensuring that customers have a full understanding before signing. With a strong musical background and her multiple languages capabilities, she is the perfect link between the organ builder and the church committee member. When establishing a first proposal, she can translate and convey our customers’ musical requirements to us as well as explain to the members of a church what kind of instrument is required from an organ building point of view for the weekly worship.

Mariko and Elisabeth Garnier (Marc Garnier’s wife) are the 2 organists on our team. Mariko not only plays our organs regularly but she also plays on organs built by other builders in the churches where she is appointed organist. Mariko is an invaluable member of our company. Her sense of musicality makes her opinion extremely useful during on-site voicing. She’s able to perform multiple tests during the ongoing work enabling us to optimize the tonal direction of the voicing.

(1979): Mariko gets her diploma in Organ Music Performance from the Tokyo University of the Arts.

(1982-1985): She obtains a Master’s degree in Organ Performance at the Tokyo University of the Arts after which she decides to extend her skills by moving abroad to learn more about organ music in Germany.

(1985-1988): She studies church music in Germany at the BERLINER KIRCHEN MUSIK SCHULE in Berlin before coming back to Japan and being appointed organist at The United Church of Christ in Japan, OMORI MEGUMI CHURCH.

(1996-2017) Mariko joins the GARNIER Company and undertakes the responsibility of directing the Japanese subsidiary of GARNIER FRANCE. Thanks to her knowledge and expertise, our company offers a higher level of maintenance and care for the nearly 180 organs we’ve build in Japan since 1981.

Mariko speaks Japanese and German fluently and has an intermediate level of English