Tuning, maintenance & overhaul

After years of use, even with regular tuning and maintenance, dust and dirt progressively builds up within the organ impairing the smooth working of the organ’s action and impairing good pipe speech and stable tuning. This can cause the organ to become less reliable and lead to “off” notes and stops.

We offer tuning and maintenance as an on-going service. The frequency and length of the visits can be tailored to your needs. However, we advise a minimum of one to two inspections a year.
We are always ready and quick to respond to any organ-related emergencies or problems.

We will always try to undertake minor organ repairs during a tuning visit. However, more major repair work which cannot be combined with a tuning visit, is carried out on a separate pre-arranged visit or incorporated into a more comprehensive repair work.

Most of the instruments in our care are tuned in specific unequal progressive temperament developed by GARNIER, issued from a deep understanding of the musical and acoustical needs in a church. However, we are happy to tune in various historical or equal temperaments if required.

In the usual church environment, it is advisable to clean the organ every 10-15 years. In certain more polluted/unstable environments the instrument may need to be cleaned more frequently.

We provide free reports on the organ’s condition and advise on whether a cleaning would be necessary or not to restore reliability of the instrument. When the organ is completely dismantled for cleaning, it provides the perfect opportunity to rectify small faults, such as collapsing pipework, leather replacement or to carry out a more thorough restoration.

When restoring organs made by other builders, we are equally committed to performing our tasks respecting the art of the organ builder.

This will give the organ a new lease of life and many more years of reliable service.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs. All communications can be done in French, Japanese, English & German.